Organization Assessment

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There are many ways to assess talent both formally and informally. Whether it is a formal assessment center, multi-rater assessment or an assessment that measures style, personality, behavior, cognitive ability, etc., we have found that having more than one data point is essential in confirming potential and readiness, as well as creating development plans. We will work closely with you to determine the best assessments for your needs. Regardless of the assessments implemented, if you do not properly analyze and share that data, you have not maximized your investment. We will conduct an “assessment debrief” with top talent and their manager to provide a “stake in the ground” for their development. In addition, we offer various “coaching” options to reinforce and support their development.

Our database of assessments includes:

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys (standard or custom)
  • Organization Culture Assessment
  • Berke Assessment – Personality, Natural Talents and Intelligence
  • PDI Profilor – Competency based 360-degree Assessment
  • ESCI – Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (360 Assessment)
  • Kolb Learning Style Inventory
  • BEI – Behavioral Event Interviews
  • Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Assessment
  • LEAD Assessment – Leadership Style/Preferences