Merger & Acquisition Integration

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Truly successful mergers and acquisitions are difficult to accomplish. There are many things that can go wrong in these endeavors. Some of the more common mistakes made are:

  • Poor strategic alignment
  • Clashing cultures
  • Taking your eye off the ball
  • Not maintaining a realistic outlook
  • Taking attention from the customer
  • Making the numbers work
  • Successfully integrating all of the above

At vantage, we work with companies on the due diligence and successful integration of mergers and acquisitions. Here are some lessons learned:

  • Clearly define your strategy…begin with the end in mind
  • Structure follows strategy…selection follows structure
  • Get the basics in place first…build on them later
  • Tradeoffs are tough…adopt and go when possible
  • Establish clear governance…prioritize ruthlessly
  • Drive flawless execution…you only have one shot
  • Make decisions based on facts...not emotions
  • Culture is critical – cannot be us vs. them
  • Communicate – when information is not provided, assumptions will be made
  • Understand and respect differences…encourage open dialogue
  • Remember – change is not easy on anyone