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Conducting great interviews is the best way to ensure you are hiring the best people. At Vantage we are committed to helping managers master the art of interviewing. In addition to interviewing candidates for our clients, we provide effective tools, resources and training to give our clients the capabilities and tools needed to "get" the best people.

Some key interviewing tips include:

  • Make candidates forget it's an interview.
  • Maintain the 80/20 balance (the candidate should be talking 80% of the time).
  • Don't be afraid to probe deeply into each area.
  • Follow up the candidate's comments with further questions to establish exactly what is meant.
  • Don't accept generalized comments at face value.
  • One question, three probes.
  • Focus on what they have done, not what they would do.
  • Don't forget to sell the company and position.