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At Vantage, we have in depth knowledge and proven experience in all aspects of organizational and workforce effectiveness from the most strategic issue challenges to the most tactical processes. Whether meeting your specific needs or outsourcing your HR function, this holistic perspective places us in a unique position to add significant value to your organization.

Engagement Options:

  1. HR Placement – Vantage places a qualified full or part-time HR professional on-site at the client's office
  2. HR Outsourcing – Vantage becomes or supplements your HR team to fulfill any of your HR needs
  3. HR Consulting – Vantage provides targeted organization/HR consulting based on your specific needs (i.e. an employee survey, training, performance management, etc.)

Hiring Process

Leveraging the right tools and resources will keep you in compliance and help you gather the best information.

Employee Retention

The success of any team lies in the quality of the individual players and how well they work together. The loss of a key player can be costly.