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Do you know the laws?

Today's regulatory climate is becoming less business friendly. In order to comply with the increasing regulatory requirements, business owners are spending a great deal of time trying to make sense of the regulatory changes and what needs to be done to comply.

Are you in compliance?

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has aggressively increased investigations in recent years. Many of the companies being investigated have a completely legal and well documented workforce, yet have still received steep fines for administrative/paperwork violations. Each I-9 that is not properly filled out can cost your company between $110 and $2000 per occurrence.

The average EEOC lawsuit went from $140,000 in 2007 to $326,640 in 2009. That’s an $186,000 average increase in just two years! There were 99,922 claims in 2010 alone!

Do you know your risks?

Vantage HRO will assist you by assessing compliance, minimizing risks while maximizing employee effectiveness and supporting the growth and success of your company.

HR Audit

Vantage conducts a full audit of all HR processes, programs, and procedures. The audit will help identify any gaps in the organization's HR practices.

Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is the best way to ensure that a company complies with employment related regulatory and compliance requirements.

I-9 Compliance

Any I-9s that are not properly filled out can cost your company $110-$2000 per occurrence. Vantage HRO will work with you to ensure compliance!

Personnel Files

All personnel files should be maintained in a locked file cabinet with limited access. View the sections' contents that a typical file should include.

EEO Resolution

The best way to avoid an EEO complaint is to properly address and document employee issues as they arise and establish and fair a respectful culture.

Payroll & Benefit Analysis

One of the fastest ways to frustrate employees is to not provide the pay and benefits they were promised in a timely manner.