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In an interview, most candidates are trying to give you the answers they think you want to hear. That's one of the things that makes hiring such a challenge. You have to separate who the person says they are from who they really are. If you don't look beneath the surface, you'll never understand the individual's true strengths and weaknesses.

People are hard wired with traits that determine what they do well, what they do easily and what they enjoy.

Employees whose talents and personalities fit their jobs are more productive, happier, and stay longer. Hiring great people means hiring people who fit their jobs. The Berke Assessment can help. Tell us about your job and the Berke Assessment will tell you whether your candidate is a great fit. When candidates take the assessment, we can zero in on what makes them tick. We measure their personality traits, natural talents and intelligence. The Berke Assessment tells you immediately what it could take months to find out on the job.

Vantage also provides more specialized hiring assessment tools such as:

  • BEI – Behavioral Event Interviews
  • Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Assessment
  • LEAD Assessment – Leadership Style/Preferences