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Vantage HRO provides total workforce solutions and services that enable companies to maximize business success. We are dedicated to meeting the Organization and Human Resource needs of small and mid-size companies, so you can focus on your core business!

HR Audit

Vantage conducts a full audit of all HR processes, programs, and procedures. The audit will help identify any gaps in the organization's HR practices.

Hiring Process

Leveraging the right tools and resources will keep you in compliance and help you gather the best information.

Organization Assessment

We have found that having more than one data point is essential in confirming potential and readiness.

Executive Coaching

Leading others to achieve extraordinary results is a rare talent. Just like in sports, leadership requires a specific set of skills.

Training & Development

To maximize the effectiveness of your growth and development efforts, your employees need to be Assessment Driven, Business Focused, and more.

Payroll & Benefit Analysis

One of the fastest ways to frustrate employees is to not provide the pay and benefits they were promised in a timely manner.